Extended Reality and CREZ is an accelerator program, focusing on developing students to develop their technical expertise skills and create content for extended reality. Students will be taught by XR experts from all over the globe with a lot of experience in the industry. The Extended Reality and CREZ program will develop student’s understanding in programming, 3D/2D graphic, game engines, 3D tools, and artificial intelligence as well.


Level: Accelerator

Pre-requisite: Graduation & Portfolio

Duration: 560 HRs / 9 months

Cost: $ 18.000 / Euro 16,000

Language: English


Programming: Processing

2D Graphics: Adobe Photoshop

2D Graphics: Adobe Illustrator

Game Engine: Unity

Game Engine: Unreal Engine

3D Tools: 3DS Max

3D Graphics: Substance Painter


Extended Reality – Students will study the incorporation of current consumer-grade equipment and peripherals as well as the development of new devices.

Artificial Intelligence ‐ In this course, students will learn techniques for designing and creating lifelike and intelligent behaviors in characters.


Luxury UX & MICE simultaneously integrates all the theoretical and practical knowledge to design. manage luxury retail hub & events: from Resilience Enhancement to overview of the emerging technology trends to the deep understanding of UX & luxury hybrid event inceptation, marketing, merchandising, sourcing, and styling.

This accelerator program is taught by resident teachers from the industry along with the direct intervention of domain network mentors from PGCIA & Korea. It gives access to international guest lectures and includes live field trips and within the associates’ brand, including a concept flagship store – TOMARS. Throughout the 9 months of study students work on two main projects, a Mid-term Project and a Final Project, which will form part of their portfolio that can then be used when applying for internship and job opportunities.

Lessons take place from Feb to Nov and amount to a total of 560 contact hours. There is the possibility of completing the course with an internship at PGCIA associate’s network, leading to the overall obtainment of 80 credits. English language proficiency and attendance are required. Korean language is must for internship eligibility in Korea, Candidates are eligible and selected after the admission process. 


Upon successful completion of the accelerator program, students will be able to:

Utilize all the essential strategic tools of luxury retail & event at an advanced level.

Develop retail & event strategies for a luxury product enterprise, achieving operational objectives and a competitive advantage.

Elaborate retail & event strategies at a micro and macro level in order to conquer emerging future markets such as Space Ventures.

Demonstrate expert judgment and ethical responsibility relating to professional practice in luxury retail hub & event entrepreneurship.

Prepare specifically for a career as a luxury Retail Manager, Store Manager, Sales Manager, Retail Buyer, Merchandising Manager or Event Manager.


Based on individual character and the skills acquired, graduates from Luxury Retail Hub or Event Management can aim for a career as a Retail Manager, Store Manager, Sales Manager, Retail Buyer, Merchandising Manager or Distribution Manager.


Understanding Processing
Processing: Basic Grammar and Forms
Processing: Variables
Processing: Response and Media
Processing: Functions and Objects
Processing: Arrangement and Image
Understanding Photoshop
Images and Brushes
Utilizing Layers
The Pen Tool and Making Patterns
Editing Photos
Utilizing Filters
Understanding Illustrator
Object transforming and layers
Utilizing the Drawing Tool
Effects of object coloured by colouring tool
Entering and editing text effect function
Making infographics
VR and Unity, Unity Rendering System, Unity 3D Physics
VR Dev. Environment Establishment & AR SDK
Interaction VR
VR User Interface
VR Movement
VR Optimization IKinem Motion Capture S/W
Understanding Unreal Engine
Utilizing 3D Objects
Introduction to Blueprints
Keyboard controls
and handling crashes
Interworking data with UI
Light Map, Particle System, Utilizing Shader
IKinem Motion Capture
S/W Streaming
Understanding 3D MAX
Generating Objects
and Understanding Coordinate Axis
Editable polygon
Transforming: 2D & 3D
Understanding and Utilizing 3d Editing
Understanding Material
Understanding Map Type
Understanding and
Utilizing Synthetic Maps
Identifying the Material Type
Light and Camera
Creating LOW Polygon Modeling
Understanding Substance Painter and Interface
Texture Baking and Tool Functions
Practical Texture Fabrication
Project for Portfolio Creation 
Participation in Public Exhibition
Next Generation Content Overview and Trends
Data and Artificial Intelligence
Future of Contents


Influential, innovative and progressive, PGCIA is reinventing a wholly modern approach to emerging retail and hybrid events. Under the new vision of Immersive Infotainment Evangelist – Er. Tomar, the TeamX has redefined luxury hub for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable luxury hub.

PGCIA has been offering trending education, and delighted by offering most innovative and evolving programs. PGCIA is part of the Pixel Galaxy Studio, originally incubated in Vancouver, Canada.

Korean associate, with expertise in trending Technology and award winning ventures will be backing up for XR.

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